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Almost 9 years ago, The STAPL founding team began to think about the benefits of harnessing the power of human talent to help improve their operational efficiencies. Products like BOSS and Cu-Del grew in demand and a small business was born to service the need.

As the world opened its eyes to the need to reduce its staff turnover and pressure to maintain margins and retain top talent, our programs with F.E.A.S.T (Fun – Easy- Affordable- Simple Techniques) approach to training helped address a lot of issues with Training Programs per se: lack of participant interest; high costs; complicated jargon or business lingo; High Turnover ratios

This very quandary set a small team of passionate retail and hospitality industry members on a quest to find suitable innovations, test them in real life situations and use the results to bring a range of all-round suitable products to Retail and Hospitality companies.

Today, Score Training remains a driven, performance management company committed to providing viable and cost-effective solutions to make retail houses and hospitality establishments more customer friendly and efficient, by training their front-end customer facing blue collar workforce, across geographies in India.

We specialize in providing custom crafted sustainable training solutions for the domestic retail and hospitality sectors including hotels, restaurants, cafes, chain stores, Manufacturing Facilities; Facility Management establishments, Corporate Offices; Support facilities; Educational Institutions and Colleges

From small beginnings, some 9 years ago, the business scaled up in 2015 to encompass all its other services. With a team of fulltime and part time network trainers speaking various Indian languages supported by highly efficient administration and management, our mixture of experience, youthful energy and total commitment to quality makes Score Training the economical and logical choice for you.

Our Programs


“Life is all about choosing the right direction”.

Our unique life skills program for Blue collar workers on how to lead a life better as part of our CSR initiative ‘PEP’.


Selling all about convincing others of your ideas

Basics of selling skills empower the team by equipping them with the right techniques of selling.


Our Power Program for Customer Service Personnel.


Strategic Training to Empower People

Our customized training program to empower your team covering a wide range of soft skills/ and leadership skills.

UY-Unleash Yourself

Our blue print for your fast forward carrier programs.


Our signature hospitality training for amazing your guests at Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts.


Food-Safety program for all food handlers
CIEH Certified Food Safety Program


90 Minutes workshop on Stress Management, Goal-Setting, Anger and Conflict Management, Time Management, Managing your Personality.


Enjoy business English program

Our Clients

we are committed to creating opportunities for people from across the social strata. It will be made possible by creating innovative distributions channels, training for employability, communication skill programs and more. All this is done by partnering with corporates who wish to explore their “CSR” program. Call us to know more about if you can create a unique program for yourself.

Score Training Academy


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